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Circus is where all my theatre training - acting, puppetry, clowning, movement and even leadership - come together. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in circus and entertainment - Cirque du Soleil, Disney, filmmaker James Cameron - and literally traveled around the world thanks to these collaborations. 

Through imagination, the senses and emotion, circus is one way I collaborate to tell stories.


Original Cast for Creation

Puppeteer for character “Mainamie”

Artist Coach for Puppetry 


Original Cast for Creation and World Tour & Artist Coach for Acting

Puppeteer for Large Scale Animal Puppets, “Spirit of Eywa“ character 


Role of “Rose Bonbon” in Cirque du Soleil Special Events around the world from 2006-2012

Rose Bonbon Paris.JPG

In October 2010, I flew to Port au Prince, Haiti to volunteer with Clowns Without Borders, months after the catastrophic earthquake in January. The Haitians I had the honor of meeting taught me the true meanings of human strength and tenacity; connection; generosity; dignity; creativity in all situations - no matter how devastating or unpredictable; love for our fellow human.
I went to Haiti with the desire to bring some joy and laughter, but, thanks to the unbelievable generosity of Haitian communities, I left with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a human being. 

Clowns Without Borders Haiti October 201
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