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The best theatre comes from observing the world and incorporating what we experience into the stories we tell and characters we create.

This is what I’ve taught people of all ages all over the world for almost two decades, whether they are students in schools, universities or conservatories; theatre professionals and enthusiasts; circus artists; or performing athletes.

I have had the joy of learning from some of the most respected names in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

My passion is sharing that knowledge with others.

Mask puppetry Kristi Hughes



  • Jacques Lecoq-based theatre and acting workshops, based on my training at École Jacques Lecoq, Paris. Throughout Europe and North America.


Contact me to learn about my Lecoq-based workshops and classes.



“Kristi has first and foremost the rare talent to sense an actor's real potential and lead her/him to unknown places. She brings freedom to the students to really explore theatre and can motivate them with ease towards the pleasure of discovering. She is loved as a teacher.” -Thomas Zeuggin, former acting instructor, École Philippe Gaulier, France


"Kristi possède, non seulement l’expérience d’une solide formation à l’École Jacques Lecoq à Paris, mais aussi la sensibilité nécessaire pour transmettre ses connaissances. Elle peut clarifier aussi bien un mouvement qu’une intention."

-Michoue Sylvain, Coach en Jeu d’acteur physique au Cirque du Soleil

(Kristi has not only the experience of a solid training at the Lecoq School in Paris but also the sensitivity necessary to transmit her knowledge. She can clarify a movement just as well as an intention.)

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