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Bringing inanimate objects to life — giving them breath, soul and emotion — is one of the most mesmerizing and transcendent forms of art that I have been involved with.

National Theatre London

War Horse - Gefährten 

This was the first foreign language production of War Horse performed at Theater des Westens, Berlin, Germany

Puppeteer: Joey as a Foal

German-speaking Role: Nurse Annie Gilbert, Various Ensemble Roles


The rehearsal process involved intensive puppetry training with Puppetry Director Mervyn Millar ( National Theatre, Handspring Puppet Company,  Significant Object  and Assistant Puppetry Director Enrico D. Wey (Handspring Puppet Company).


The Giants of Light

Helene Fischer Show Germany

Puppeteer for Baby Dundu

Theatre Fragile’s 

Himmel in Sicht 

(Sky in Sight)

Puppeteer for Giant Fish, Seagull, Sail


Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK - The First Flight,

inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR

Puppeteer for Large Scale Animal Puppets, “Spirit of Eywa“ character


Artist Coach for Acting for cast

Cabaret Routine Misty with Queen Puppet at Theaterhaus Berlin


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